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EyeBolt Heat Treatment


EyeBolt Heat treatment

Application principle of ring bolt

Ring bolt is both ends of the silk teeth are the middle of the rod bolts, the same as the bolt bolt is installed in some small and medium-sized equipment. In fact, the use of this double-headed bolt is still very low. So is the time of purchase is still a certain skill. Today we come together to follow Xiaobian to choose the bolt.

Then the bolt is really a kind of use as a containment medium, is open when the full flow of its pass is through, this time the pressure of the media to run the loss is the smallest. Bolt is generally applicable to no need to often open and close, and is able to collusion gate open or open the scene. The bolts are generally not applicable as a regulator or use. This is some of the characteristics of the bolt is its characteristics.

Then deal with some of the activities under the fast flow of the medium is open under the circumstances of the gate there will be some small shock caused by the gate. This kind of vibration can be used to damage the gate and the gate and the seat of the dense surface, assuming that the circle will take the circle will make the gate by the media attack. Here to emphasize that the form is taken by the dense components. According to this form of dense components such as the general can be a variety of gate valve is not the same species. There will be a lot of the classification of bolts.

Ordinary bolts are generally preloaded to ensure that the connection stiffness of the mechanism is maintained by the working load. The recommended preloaded torque values are found in the mechanical design manual so that the load capacity of the bolts is reduced (The actual carrying capacity of the original carrying capacity minus the preload value), the ring screw screw into the torque is not specific requirements, as long as the guarantee does not fall off on the line do not need to preload and, so that you can give full play to the ring bolt Carrying capacity. The eyebolts are of course machined and need heat treatment after processing.

To make a pipe with a tightening bolt, if the ring part of the screw part of the screw is not used, if the batch processing can be used for processing as a whole.

Such as as long as a few pieces, you can use round steel simmer system processing ring, threaded rod material can use 10 #, 20 #, Q235 production, but should not use 16Mn, 35 # steel, cold after welding, generally do not require heat treatment, Should be calculated in terms of diameter, according to the material of the allowable stress, consider more than 1.3 times the safety factor. Round to the standard thread.

The process of processing can be adjusted height of the load-bearing pipe hanger, in addition to hanging ear screws, there are many other ways ah, such as the screw can be used with nuts plus the middle of the additional parts of the adjustment of the elastic parts, Should be processed into a whole, or in the middle with a tube of two welding nuts.

Lifting bolt processing process:

1, with a common Q235A round steel head screw a hot bending into a ring, ring groove welding;

2, the other can be used to open the steel plate or round bar first out of the car, and then use the ordinary round steel screw and the final ring welded together;

3, the middle connection section using the landlord method at both ends of the pipe welding nut;

4, after processing without heat treatment, the screw size of the election is better;