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EyeBolt Bearing Capacity


EyeBolt Bearing capacity

The eyebolts are of course machined and need heat treatment after processing. Screw material, bearing capacity and heat treatment can refer to GB 825-88

To make a pipe with a tightening bolt, if the ring part of the screw part of the screw is not used, if the batch processing can be used for processing as a whole.

Such as as long as a few pieces, you can use round steel simmer system processing ring, threaded rod material can use 10 #, 20 #, Q235 production, but should not use 16Mn, 35 # steel, cold after welding, generally do not require heat treatment, Should be calculated in terms of diameter, according to the material of the allowable stress, consider more than 1.3 times the safety factor. Round to the standard thread.

The process of processing can be adjusted height of the load-bearing pipe hanger, in addition to hanging ear screws, there are many other ways ah, such as the screw can be used with nuts plus the middle of the additional parts of the adjustment of the elastic parts, Should be processed into a whole, or in the middle with a tube of two welding nuts.

Lifting bolt processing process:

1, with a common Q235A round steel head screw a hot bending into a ring, ring groove welding;

2, the other can be used to open the steel plate or round bar first out of the car, and then use the ordinary round steel screw and the final ring welded together;

3, the middle connection section using the landlord method at both ends of the pipe welding nut;

4, after processing without heat treatment, the screw size of the election is better;

Ring bolts should be made of 20 or 25 steel GB699 production, but also the overall forging, normalizing treatment.

Standard parts length is not enough, usually to their own processing. But forging certainly can not do, and normalizing the heating temperature will be slightly higher it, heating to 860 degrees Celsius, after the use of forced ventilation cooling insulation. But must not be cold. 2T weight, taking into account the time on the suspension, the safety of the bolt diameter M30 ~ M36 enough.

Ring bolts are made of 20 steel and 25 steel, Q235 and so on; subject to the whole forging, and by normalizing treatment and removal of oxide; finished grain size of not less than 5; forging no burns, cracks defects; Hardness test, hardness value of HRB67 ~ 95.

The thread tolerance of the eyebolt is 6g; the surface is generally not surface treated, but according to the requirements, it can be galvanized, chrome and other surface treatment. In the mark position of the rings, mark the material grade and the manufacturer's logo or identification mark.