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Foot Bolt Material Is Generally Used


Foot Bolt Material is generally used

If the reinforced concrete is the foundation of a building, the anchor bolts are the foundation of the foundation. Because the fixed tower crane essential things. We all know that a building in order to be able to rise from the tower must be a little bit to transport the material up. Tower crane in order to safe and smooth production, the most important basis. Because it is strong, in the building gradually high at the same time, the tower crane is also constantly high. At this time the anchor bolts played a role. Tower four feet one foot to put four to fix it, a total of 16 digital 9-shaped, like the old man's crutches.


Its material is generally used Q235B, special environment with Q345B. Thread can be long and short, supporting the double-headed, nuts, flat pad, the four together is simply the perfect combination, its stability, anchorage can make the head of the tower hanging 360 degrees in the direction of rotation.

When we live in a warm new house, we will touch the wall by hand, think of the house is reinforced concrete built up, but here I want to remind you, there is a hello has been helpless to help the tower crane brothers - anchor bolts. Its role is that anything on the site can not be replaced.

With it, the tower crane can be more stable, in order to better work.

With it, the building can stand on the ground.

The anchor bolts are embedded in the ground or inside the foundation, the earth or the foundation and the equipment connected to the tool, generally with Q235 steel, that is round. The strength of the rebar is large (Q345), and the nuts of the nuts are not easy.

For the round round of the anchor bolts, the depth is generally 25 times the diameter, and then do a 120mm long 90 degrees hook, if the bolt diameter is very large (such as 45mm) depth is too deep, you can at the top of the bolt Welding square board, that is, to do a big head on it (but also have some requirements). Buried depth and hook are to ensure that the friction between the bolt and the foundation, and will not make the bolt out of the destruction.

Anchor bolts are fixed without strong vibration and impact of the role of equipment such as anchor bolts in diameter below 30mm,

When the centerline is within 30mm.

You can first use oxygen acetylene bolts roasted, and then use the sledgehammer bolt (or jack jacking), after correction with steel plate to strengthen the reinforcement, to prevent tightening the bolt when the recovery.

If the bolt spacing is not right, you can use oxygen acetylene flame roasted red hammer after bending, in the middle of the steel plate reinforcement, in the subsequent grouting when it is dead.

For larger bolts (greater than 30mm in diameter), the bolt should be cut off first, with a steel plate welded in the middle of the bolt

If the bolt strength is not enough, can be welded on both sides of the bolt two reinforced steel plate, its length shall not be less than 3-4 times the diameter of the bolt.