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Coupler With A Slow Impact


Coupler With a slow impact

What are the advantages of the coupler?

 1, with the impact of slow shock and isolation torsional vibration performance; can make the motor starting a delay time, slow acceleration, reduce the sudden start caused by the impact of the parts between the impact.

  2, with the motor light load start performance: the coupling pump wheel torque is proportional to the square of its speed, so when the instantaneous pump wheel due to low speed and little torque, the motor is similar to the pump with no load start, so start Time is short, starting current is small, start smooth, especially suitable for starting a heavy inertia heavy load.

  3, with overload protection performance: the coupler without mechanical direct connection, when the external load exceeds a certain limit, the pump wheel torque will no longer rise, then the motor as usual rotation, the output deceleration until the stop, from the power of the power into heat So that the coupler temperature, until the fusible plug liquid, so the input and output are cut off to protect the motor, the machine is not damaged, thereby reducing the machine failure rate, maintenance costs and downtime, extending the motor load machine life The

4, with energy-saving performance: the coupler effectively solve the motor starting and "big horse car" phenomenon, compared with the rigid transmission can reduce at least one motor seat, plus can reduce the starting current and duration , Reducing the energy efficiency of the power grid of 10-20%, especially in the start of a large inertia load is more significant. Limited torque type hydraulic coupler features: In addition to bearings and oil seals, without any mechanical grinding Sassafras, long life, low failure rate, no special maintenance.

When the coupler is filled with liquid, the oiling plug is screwed out and the working medium is filtered through the filter of GF1W0.63 / 0.2 to fill the cavity of the coupler. After filling the appropriate working medium, check and tighten all the oil sump and fusible plug on the coupler housing.

5, the maximum filling capacity of the coupling chamber 80% of the total volume of the working chamber, the working fluid must not be filled, otherwise the oil temperature rise during operation, volume expansion, will lead to sealing failure or shell cracking.

6, the minimum filling capacity of the coupler for the working chamber of the total volume of 40%, too little oil will lead to the bearing can not be fully lubricated, thereby reducing the service life of the coupler.

7, the correct oil level on the normal operation of the coupler is very important, it is recommended to regularly check the oil level. It is recommended to buy a torque-type hydraulic coupler sight (mirror), through the observation mirror, you do not need to open the coupler, you can easily check the amount of liquid.