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Foot Bolt Technical Conditions


Foot Bolt Technical conditions

Fastener National Standard

1, fastener product size standards: the specific provisions of the basic dimensions of the product content; threaded products, including the basic size of the thread, thread tail, shoulder distance, undercut and chamfer, the end of the external thread parts Size and other aspects of content. 2, fasteners products technical conditions of the standard. Including product tolerances, mechanical properties, surface defects, surface treatment, product testing standards and the corresponding specific aspects of the content. 3, the screw product acceptance inspection, marking and packaging standards: the specific provisions of the product factory inspection and inspection items qualified quality level and sampling programs, as well as product labeling methods and packaging requirements of the content. 4, standard parts, fasteners, screws, screws, marking the standard method: the provisions of the product complete labeling method and simplified mark method aspects. 5, other aspects of fasteners standards: such as the terms of fasteners terms, fasteners, the weight of the product standards. The global economy continues to slump, overseas export trade depression, many domestic and foreign fastener business, is facing a severe test. Accelerate the economic transformation and structural upgrading is imminent, open up overseas market is undoubtedly the current fastener industry development important way out.

From the fourth quarter of 2011 to the first half of 2012, driven by the objective environment, the pace of development of the fastener industry will slow down, but from the third quarter of 2012, with the policy in place, 18 held, and The upcoming series of development policies, etc., can promote the further development of the industry. And must adhere to innovation and adjust the transformation, to continue to rely heavily on the automotive, new energy, aerospace, shipbuilding, urban transport, IT, electronics, construction and other key industries to accelerate the optimization and upgrading of fastener products to promote fasteners The whole industry healthy and healthy development.

According to "China's fastener industry production and demand forecast and transformation and analysis report forward" statistics: global fastener market size of more than 50 billion US dollars, 2012 China's total fastener production is expected to reach about 6.8 million tons. But with the United States, Japan and other manufacturing power compared to China's fastener industry there is still a big gap.