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Expansion Anchors Tensile Strength Reference


Expansion Anchors Tensile strength reference

Alias stiffened anchor plate expansion anchor, welding expansion anchor, anchor bolt type expansion anchor, ribbed expansion anchor, ground bolt, foot screw, ground wire and so on. Specifically for buried in the concrete foundation, for a variety of fixed machinery, equipment, base. 7 word expansion anchor for the expansion of the anchor in a more commonly used. The general use of Q235 steel production, the use of high strength Q345B or 16Mn material processing, but also useful 40Cr material processing 8.8 strength of the product, occasionally useful secondary or three rebar processing. Expansion of the anchor with wool, thick rod, thin rod of different forms of points. Wool or raw material steel without restructuring, with round steel or wire directly processed; thick bar or called A-type, thin rod or called B-type, are converted into steel from the corresponding requirements of the rod after processing from. The welded expansion anchors are made of single-headed bolts after they are welded. Its anti-drawing ability. According to the use of different conditions, respectively, can reach 3.6, 4.8, 6.8, 8.8 and other levels. 3.6 grade 7 word expansion anchor tensile strength for the tensile strength of steel itself. Q345B or 16Mn raw materials directly processed by the expansion of its tensile strength of up to 5.8 of the tensile strength. 4.8, grade 5.8, 6.8 and 8.8 of the tensile strength of GB / T3098.1 for the provisions of the mechanical properties. 1, a buried method: watering concrete, the expansion anchor buried. When the tower and so on to the overturning control, the expansion anchor should adopt a buried method.

2, reserved hole method: the equipment in place, the hole clean, the expansion anchor into the hole, the equipment positioning and then use the original base of a higher level of non-shrinkage of fine concrete concrete watering, tamping dense. The distance from the center of the buried anchor to the base edge shall not be less than 4 d (d is the diameter of the expanded anchor) and shall not be less than 150 mm (not less than 100 mm when d ≤ 20), not less than half of the width , Should not be able to meet the above requirements, should take appropriate measures to be strengthened. Structural expansion anchor diameter should not be less than 20mm. When subjected to seismic action, double nuts should be used, or other measures to effectively prevent loosening, but the anchorage length of the expansion anchor should be increased by 5 days than the non-seismic anchorage length.

Expansion of the expansion of the anchor plan expansion of the anchor in the base of the loose processing in the near tightening the expansion of the anchor, the bolt may be pulled, this time should be adjusted to the original position of the bolt, and the bolt around the base shovel out of the full position, and then Bolts on the vertical and horizontal welding two U-shaped steel bars, and finally the water will be clean and grouting in the pit, until the concrete solidified to the design strength and then tighten the expansion of the expansion of the anchor deviation of the treatment of live expansion of the deviation of the treatment method, roughly the same as the method of dead expansion anchor , But can be pulled out of the expansion of the anchor to deal with. If the bolt is too long, you can cut a re-thread on the machine; if the bolt is too short, can be hot forging method elongation; if the location does not match, with bending method correction.