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Rock Support Steel Plate Cast Iron Cost


Rock Support Steel Plate Cast iron cost

This week the domestic iron and steel iron and steel costs were mixed, of which only the largest decline in ironmaking costs in Liaoning, down 22 yuan / ton, other markets, the main increase in pig iron costs, iron ore costs up to 46 yuan / ton, For the Shandong market, iron-making costs accumulated 37 yuan / ton. This week, the cost of domestic cast iron-based, only the cost of Liaoning cast iron fell, the range of 26 yuan / ton, other market casting costs are rising cast iron costs rose, respectively, 47 yuan / ton, 24 yuan / ton, gross margin , The market continues to lose money, loss reduction. This week the price of pig iron rose mainly driven by rising ore prices.

This year (6.30-7.7) Tangshan billet prices accumulated 100 yuan / ton to 2090 yuan / ton; Tangshan 66% of the powder to the factory price of 520 yuan / ton, compared with the previous price rose 20 yuan / ton; Spot 425 yuan / ton, compared with the previous price rose 15 yuan / ton; Tangshan two metallurgical coke price of 920 yuan / ton, unchanged from the previous price. According to the monitoring, the current profit margin of the billet is about 221.15 yuan / ton, an increase of 150.61 yuan / ton, compared with the same period last month increased 326.08 yuan / ton.

Construction steel ton ton gross profit growth this week does not change. Specific analysis: cost, according to the steel mill 15 days in advance to calculate, as of today, rebar cost of 2048 yuan / ton, wire cost of 1968 yuan / ton, the chain last week to reduce 8 yuan / ton, mainly ore and Coke prices lower production costs due to lower. While the construction of steel market and production costs "run counter to", although the demand for off-season, the snail is subject to multiple positive factors upside down, first stock down to stimulate business mentality, and then the southern rainfall, part of the steel production constraints, the market took the opportunity Speculation; affected by this, raw material billet accumulated 100 yuan / ton, construction steel to be outdone, some areas sharply higher. Therefore, in the production cost reduction, construction steel market prices go higher this week, steel gross tonnage gross margin increased significantly. Monitoring, the current rebar tons of steel gross profit of 242 yuan / ton, the chain last week increased 118 yuan / ton, wire tons of steel gross profit of 267 yuan / ton, the chain increased 108 yuan / ton last week.