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EyeBolt The Vertical Direction


EyeBolt The vertical direction

1, according to standard DIN580, materials for the lifting point only in the vertical direction of C15 ring or within the toroidal surface is less than 45 ° Angle to the vertical direction load;

The VRS is produced according to DIN EN 1677 standard, and its freely rotating properties determine that the rings can be subjected to either direction.

2. In the lifting of multi-limbs:

The rotary lifting loop VRS can automatically adjust the Angle of the lifting loop body at the time of lifting, so as to adapt to different lifting conditions.

DIN 580 rings, because its not rotate, there is no guarantee that rings after tighten all of the rings the ring body pointing to the middle point at the same time, inevitably cause in the process of lifting eyebolt due to the influence of the lifting load and turn the phenomenon of outward, but it is absolutely forbidden for bolt type rings.

1. Welding material: female material: Q235 and above

Welding pieces: Q345 (st52-3,1.0570)

Electrode: J506, Φ 4.0

2. Polishing: to remove the defects of oil, rust, dust, etc. within 20mm in the inner and outer welds of the parent material, and to expose the metallic luster.

3, welding preparation 1: electrode: drying, drying temperature of 350 ° ~ 400 °, time 1.5 h ~ 2 h.

4, welding preparation 2: material: preheat temperature of 180 ° ~ 180 ° (100 mm on both sides of weld range of uniform heating)

5. Welding: continuous fillet weld, welding foot height is welding dimension (HV). (appearance not allowed: stay, bite, crack, insufficient size, etc.)

Heating, heating: immediately after welding, heating temperature of 550 ~ 600 °

7, insulation cooling: cover thickness greater than 30 mm asbestos insulation materials, cooling below 180 °, can cancel the asbestos protect cooling at room temperature.

8, flaw detection, X-ray detector (RT) : Ⅱ level. (or), ultrasonic testing (UT) : Ⅱ level.

Bolts of bolt type rings are of standard type bolts and long bolts. Use different lengths of bolts in different assembly situations.

Take RUD's bolt rotary lifting ring VLBG 5t - M30 as an example. In the case of the two kinds of threaded holes in the figure, if H - thread length is greater than L - standard length, then standard bolt installation can be adopted.

If the installation position of the bolt type rings is the optical hole, the length of the bolt needs to be calculated according to the thickness of the plate and the thickness of the washer and nut.

The nuts used when the bolt rings are installed should be judged by the assembly environment using the flange nut or the locking nut.